Beaded Goddes

DSCF0181The Beaded Goddess necklaces are wearable art.  Each goddess is made with  love , joy, and positive energy.   Each goddess is one of a kind.   Created with semi-precious cabochons on her face and body the goddess embodies the properties of the stone

Some goddess’s  are fully beaded with the signature embroidered on the back, this type of goddess takes many months to create , while  others have a  cloth body with beading accents all around her body.

The most fun part of the goddess is her wild, wonderful  hair. Some are long and bushy , some are spiky and others are both.


Stone Pouch


Stone pouches are made from upholstery fabrics with a beautiful semi-precious cabochon placed on the front. Drawstring opening, hand beaded fringe bottom. Fully lined ,one of a kind, these are wonderful bags, used for various needs. I use mine to put my finger cymbals & wax in. They are great for special events, to dress up your ensemble.

Magick Pouch – main stone is carnelian with pearls, agates, shell, wood, and other misc. components