Is it really possible to grow your penis? Yes, absolutely. Using these all-natural methods, you can gain a minimum half an inch to an inch and more in length and girth.

Foods to grow a penis


The more that you eat a clean, organic, whole foods diet, the more penis that you’ll grow. Foods that increase testosterone production will also increase the size, strength, and even staying power of your erections. So let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. Those top 10 penis enlargement pills will help you to reach your goals and increase penis size by 3 inches

First off, you want to avoid refined, processed, and packaged foods, white sugar, white flour – all of these things have a disruptive effect on your system and are often full of chemicals that will interfere with your proper hormonal neurotransmitter function. Sugar itself is a neurotoxin, so avoid it. Do eat a diet composed mostly of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy fats, and high-quality protein.

Some foods have a direct result on testosterone production, such as the pomegranate. And in recent studies, they have found that a glass of pomegranate juice daily increases testosterone levels by up to 24% in just two weeks. By the way, some people think that the pomegranate was actually the original apple in the Adam and Eve story.


Some foods function indirectly and that they build the precursors to the manufacture of testosterone, like oysters which are packed with Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Copper, and vitamin D. And all of these things are crucial for testosterone production.

Other foods high on the list are berries: blueberries, blackberries, acai berries areĀ also high in antioxidants. So you can have them in the morning and know that it’s great for your penis.

Fermented foods and pre/probiotics. So studies have shown that different pre/probiotic strains not only increase testosterone production, but they increase testicular size and weight, which is awesome. So you can add a pre/probiotics supplement to your diet or some fermented foods, like kimchi.

Raw cacao, organic dark raw chocolate. I mentioned healthy fats, which are linked to higher testosterone production, so we’re looking for saturated fatty acids (SFA’s) or/and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs).


Good testosterone nuts and seeds are macadamias, Brazil nuts, and pumpkin seeds. So these ones, in particular, all nuts, in general, are especially good, these ones are.

Oils, again healthy fats, so organic extra virgin olive oil and make sure that it’s an organic and extra virgin, because there are a lot of bogus olive oils out on the market these days, that are cut with inferior oils and not olive oil. So look for the organic olive oil high-quality brand. Coconut oil is also amazing and so is flaxseed oil.

Avocados another great one, organic free-range eggs, grass-fed organic meats, grass-fed butter or ghee, and also on the list would be garlic and ginger. So I’m a huge garlic friend. I just make everyone around me deal with it, but you will be happier ingesting large amounts of garlic if your partner also ingests a large amount of garlic. You’ll just be oblivious to it together.

Penis-exercises for increased length and girth

There’s evidence of different ancient cultures all over the globe, who had practices to grow penis through exercise. I once had a lover, who is obsessed with growing his penis and so by practicing these things he gained half an inch in length in just a month. But he was very diligent about practicing. And I had another lover who, had the same level of, let’s say commitment to these practices, and he practiced for several years, and he had the largest, biggest, strongest, I’ve never had a penis that could basically do have the agility and articulation, which is really the equivalent of the vaginal weightlifting practice that I teach, that women have this ability to articulate, grip, move, pull, suck with the vagina. This is the normal state of affairs for genitalia, who have been coached. So he had the wildest, strongest, most amazing penis I have ever been with and it was like the equivalent of my super vagina, it was incredible.I fact, I coined the term Super penis to describe his legendary penis and all legendary penis and tribute to this man.


The purpose of these exercises is to enlarge the Corpora Cavernosa. So this is the sponge-like tissue that fills with blood, when you get an erection. So they’re small spaces in the tissue and by gently stretching it out you can increase the surface area, which the blood will flow into. So I’m going to tell you about one of the exercises that super penis used.

So you start with your penis in a flaccid state. Now create the okay sign with one hand and grip just below the base of the penis, and then grasp the head of the penis with the other hand. And you’re going to gently pull and stretch outwards in front of you. Holding for ten seconds and then rest. You want to feel a light stretch in the middle and at the base of your penis. So you’re going to repeat this two more times, breathing deeply.

Now I want you to go along and stretch it out in all four directions. So you’re going to pull it up to go north, then you’re going to hold that same thing ten seconds rest. Do that three times. East, south, and west. Do several rounds of deep breathing after you’re finished, and that’s it. This is just one of the exercises that were used to create the world’s greatest penis and you can do this penis building exercise several times a week daily if you’re committed, and off you go.

So all of these ideas and techniques from growing confidence to testosterone building, to penis exercise will help you to seize control of your life, of your penis, and of your woman. Your penis is an extension of you as a man, so when it’s firing on all cylinders, so is the rest of your life. You infuse more and more of your personal and sexual power into everything that you do. So when your life is thriving, that will also then come back and reverberate back into your penis, uplifting it.