Sperm boosting supplement is actually the best thing that you can use. Although women are happy with a giant penis, women generally prefer intimacy, fidelity, closeness and love. This information is tough to accept men who are more focused on orgasm and ejaculation. For men sex without orgasm is not sex, contrary to most women, sex is more important than an orgasm. Women love intimacy during sex and make them easier to achieve orgasm than penis size taste great.

Rather than trying to enlarge the penis in a way dangerous as penile injections, you should begin to learn how to satisfy your partner in bed and increase your sperm count(read more). This is the fault of men over women considered to be satisfied with a big penis size. They forgot to learn techniques to satisfy the wife when this technique is very important because every woman has a point of passion on his body that could take him to the door orgasm quickly.

Not a few men feel or think a small penis. When, in fact, had experienced normal development and a normal size. The wrong assumption occurs because they compare them to pornographic images. So if you are in doubt, so be sure to receive the examination by a specialist. Regarding the penis vacuum pump, it is of course not to increase the size of the penis.

Relieve Your Stress


Although doctors do not know why excessive stress can reduce sperm count, practicing stress relief techniques such progressive muscle relaxation can be of no use. Keep your passion peaked. Men are very sexually aroused while copulating cement emits more powerful and produce more sperm. Keep your petting or foreplay lasts at least 20 minutes.

Add Your Vitamin C Intake


Lack of vitamin C can cause clumping of sperm, and this case reaches 16 percent of all infertile men. And some studies have shown that supplements of vitamin C every day could increase fertility among male smokers. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that makes cell membranes became unstable and were beneficial both for the sperm. Fruits such as oranges, mangoes, watermelons, strawberries and vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, and sprouts are foods rich in vitamin C.

Set The Schedule

Don’t make sex for two to five days before your spouse supposedly will ovulate. This will increase the sperm count, and the percentage of healthy sperm that you emit will be higher.