In this post I will be talking all about hair loss; hair loss tips how to prevent thinning hair and bald spots. I’m going to tell you my advice and also just basic tips that can help when your hair is thinning out. And there are ways that I do take care of my hair. Honestly, it all comes down to genetics as well. Most of the time when your hair is thinning out it is because of genetics. It plays a huge role into your hair. But there are ways to help you out and prevent hair loss.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Let’s start off with tip number one. So tip number one for hair loss is not to wash your hair every single day. I understand that it is not easy not to wash it every day. It’s good not to put so much strain on your hair. So if you’re cleaning every single day, scrubbing out, it can cause more hair to fall out. So you need to be cautious with that. If you don’t necessarily need to shower or wash your hair in particular y – don’t do it. Try to do it every other day. It just helps you out with your hair.

Wash Hair Gently And Massage Your Scalp

Tip number two. This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. Tip number two is when you’re taking a shower and washing your hair out. You have to be gentle. Some guys are rough with their hair. You should not do that; you have to be soft and take some time to massage your scalp. This causes circulation, which is good for hair growth. So rub gently, give yourself a little massage, listen to music for three minutes, think of what you’re going do for the day.  And try to make a circular motion when you’re rubbing your hair.

Hair Treatment


Tip number three. If you want to stop hair loss I suggest getting treatment for your hair.for instance; I can recommend you Revivogen MD. It is dermatologist formulated first off, and this is specifically for fine and for thinning hair. I got myself the thickening conditioner, thickening shampoo, and I also got myself (which is my favorite) the exploiting scalp cleanser, and I got myself dry shampoo as well. It’s treatment, so you’re going to see results the more you use this. And I start off with exfoliating scalp cleanser. So this product is formulated to remove some dead skin cells from your scalp also to energize the hair follicles, and it also boosts the circulation of the scalp. So you want to use this right before you shower about five to ten minutes before you get in the shower. What you do divide hair into parts, find your bald spots or your problem areas your thinning spots, and you just spray this. And you are going to get some bubbling which kind of freaked me out at first, but I promise it is the process’s normal. And it also starts tingling your hair a little bit, you leave it for 5-10 minutes, and then you rinse it off in the shower.

And then up next for shampoo and conditioner. This is also great for hair growth. You massage hair very gently with shampoo for a few minutes, then you rinse it off. And then for the conditioner,  it smells good by the way, and it feels like cooling as well when you have this on. And you leave it on for five minutes on your scalp while you are maybe washing your body.

Take Vitamins


Tip number four make sure you are consuming, or you have enough vitamins in your system on the daily. Because lack of vitamins can be a great factor into why your hair is falling off or thinning out. For instance lack of iron is a huge factor into hair loss. Make sure you have enough iron in your day-to-day life but of course, always consult with a doctor to make sure and sure, take your daily multivitamins, They are ideal for everything, not just hair but your brain you’re an immune system for everything.  I’m taking vitamins for two years, and I notice that my hair is way thicker. This is perfect for promoting healthy hair and also for skin and nails. So I use it for my skin, but it’s great for hair as well. This can be taken every single day just one little pill a day.

Biotin has vitamin B in it which helps your hair grow, so this is very important. I highly recommend this.

Don’t Stress Out

Lastly tip number five – try not to stress so much. Do anything that reduces stress for you. For instance, you can go for a workout go to the gym read a book do some yoga whatever it is that distresses you. Do so because stress can be a part of why your hair is falling off or why it’s thinning out. Although studies do the show, there’s like controversy because some studies show that it doesn’t affect hair loss, but there’s also some cases that they do say that it does cause hair loss. But I think in general for your everyday life for your health and your mood distressing is a very significant. Do that things that make you feel good and don’t stress out too much. Stressing can cause more damage than you think internally physically as well.